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Configure Global SpellService

Global configuration of the service is possible via the server properties. Dictionaries can be added to the SpellService in this area. Dictionaries have a unique name and have different language contents.

Click the Configure button to open the “Configuration” dialog.

"SpellService" global configuration settings

The “default” dictionary is displayed as a default. The dictionary is used server-wide for all projects in which the SpellService is configured and contains the languages German, English, French and Spanish. 

The dialog can be used to change the global configuration of the “SpellService”. The following information is managed for each dictionary:

Name: server-wide unique name of the dictionary.

Use: If this option is activated the dictionary can be managed centrally from the projects. If use of a dictionary is deactivated the “Modifiable” right is also automatically deactivated.

Important Global dictionaries are used in each new project created, even if SpellService configuration is NOT available in the project. If use of the dictionary is to be explicitly prevented, the project configuration “SpellService Configuration” must be added first, then the selected global dictionaries or the whole SpellService are explicitly deactivated.

Modifiable: If this option is activated the dictionary can be changed centrally from a project. This means, new entries can be added to the dictionary. Globally defined read/write rights can be changed via the project configuration (into read rights only). The reverse case is of course not possible. The “Modifiable” checkbox can only be edited if “Use” is activated.

Click the Add button to configure other global dictionaries. Here a unique name must be assigned for the new dictionary first. The global dictionary is used under this name server-wide for all projects in which SpellService is configured. The globally defined configuration (use/modifiable) can also be adjusted in the individual project configurations.                       
Globally added dictionaries are filed in the server directory conf\modules\ SpellService.SpellService.

Click the Delete button to remove a previously added dictionary. A confirmation prompt appears before the dictionary is deleted.

Click the Edit button to edit the configuration for the dictionary. The configuration dialog opens (see Configure global dictionaries).

The changes are saved by clicking the OK button.

The changes are not saved if the Cancel button is clicked; the window is closed.

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