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Java wrapper parameters

Java interpreter. Either simply java (in Unix and Windows), provided the PATH environment variable indicates the correct JDK, or an absolute path to the Java interpreter of the JDK, e.g., /opt/jdk-11.0.4/bin/java or c:\Programs\Java\jdk-11.0.4\bin\java.exe.

Maximum heap size for the Java VM in MB. This is the maximum proportion of the operating system memory that the FirstSpirit Server can use. It should be set to as high a value as possible, but no larger than the physical RAM(*) (see also Configuring the Java VM).

(*) Physical RAM, minus the memory required by the operating system (incl. File system cache) and by other applications running on the same server.

The value defined here is shown in the graphic detailing memory usage in FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring (see the figure on page FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring and description on page Health Center).

Important If a heap larger than 10 GB is to be set up, the manufacturer (Crownpeak Technology GmbH) must be contacted first, since most cases like this require other, specific parameters to configure the garbage collector.

This parameter has the same meaning as Here, however, the maximum heap size is specified as a percentage of the physical RAM. The default setting is 60 and does not usually need to be changed.
If several FirstSpirit Servers or other Java processes are running on a computer, the heap size must be split across all Java processes accordingly so the available RAM is not exceeded.

Heap size initially reserved by the Java VM. The Java VM attempts to maintain memory usage at the value set in initmemory. If monitoring determines that more memory than this is consistently being allocated during operation, this indicates an overload that requires a higher start value.

When the VM allocates or releases memory from the operating system memory, this can lead to delays. Avoid this by setting the initial and maximum heap size to the same value, e.g.:

This parameter has the same meaning as Here, however, the heap size is specified as a percentage of the physical RAM. The default setting is 60 and does not usually need to be changed.

Important The parameters and
can be used alternately, but not at the same time.

The same applies to the parameters and

Parameter that is sent directly to the Java VM. Java parameters for configuring the garbage collector are mainly entered here.

Important Only one Java parameter per line. All specified Java parameters must be assigned a unique number (X). Provided the parameter wrapper.ignore_sequence_gaps is true, the numbering does not have to be consecutive.

Java VMs start in 32-bit mode by default on certain platforms. Enter a -d64 parameter in the Java command line and the 64-bit Java VM can also be activated on 64-bit systems. This switchover can be performed automatically using the Java wrapper. If parameter auto_bits has been configured as true (default value is false), Java VMs will start with 64 bits on 64-bit systems and with 32 bits on 32-bit systems by default. Previously set parameters that activate the start of a 32-bit JVM or a 64-bit JVM no longer apply.


Maximum processing times in seconds for certain FirstSpirit Server system states. If these times are exceeded, the wrapper stops the Java process because it is assumed that the process is in an undefined state. The most common cause of timeout problems is an incorrect or unsuitable JVM configuration. 

Parameter names for *: startup, shutdown, jvm_exit, cpu, ping


If the wrapper's internal timer deviates from the system clock by the specified number of seconds, a warning is written to log/fs-wrapper.log. This parameter can be used to detect a CPU overload, since in this case the wrapper timer does not have enough computing time to update and things will run slower.


Unix only: All rewritten FirstSpirit Server files receive the access attributes of the specified umask.
The default value for this parameter is 0027. This means the "group" user class has read permissions and the "others" user class has no permissions. See also
The umask that applies to the Unix system is overwritten by the umask configured for FirstSpirit using parameter wrapper.umask. As a result, permissions defined for the operating system may not apply to files and directories created by FirstSpirit. The value of parameter wrapper.umask must be checked and, if necessary, adapted to the system umask.

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