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System service under Windows

Important Changes in the following area will only become effective after re-registering the FirstSpirit system service! The system service can be re-registered via “Start menu --> FirstSpirit 5.2 --> Installation --> Deregister as service / Register as service”. The FirstSpirit Server is stopped and started for this task.

Object name of the FirstSpirit system service.


Displayed name of the system service.


Descriptive text for the system service.


System services required for FirstSpirit which should be located in front of FirstSpirit in the start sequence, e.g. MySQL. Use a new line with unique numbering (X) for each new service.


Start method, either AUTO_START for an automatic start during system start or DEMAND_START for a manual start.


Interaction with the desktop is not necessary for the FirstSpirit Server and should always be set to false.

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