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Detecting and merging changes

The Template Wizard offers tools for detecting changes to the source object and then merging this changed content with content which has already been edited and imported.

This involves differentiating between three sources:

  • Local root directory: Root directory for the import project. This directory must contain all the mockup content supplied by the agency which is required for a full description of the templates. Consequently, the root directory must also contain all the graphics and CSS files referenced within the HTML mockup.
  • Import project: This project is created in the Template Wizard. The content from the root directory is imported into the import project, which includes all HTML and XML files supplied by the agency, layout specifications, and all the images and files integrated into/referenced by the structure. The import project subsequently serves as the basis for transferring the content into a FirstSpirit project. This involves editing the content in the Template Wizard and breaking it down into FirstSpirit objects (page templates, section templates, input components, etc.).
  • FirstSpirit project: By importing the elements from the import project, the templates, components, and media which have been created are accepted into the corresponding stores for the FirstSpirit project. You can now create your own editorial content based on these templates.

Changes to the elements can take place:

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