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Integrated preview

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This menu function can be used to control the use of the Integrated preview for content and media.

The Integrated preview can be further configured via the menu item Display area of AppCenter / Preview.

use for content

If this option is selected, the Integrated preview for content is used for objects from the Page Store and the Site Store.
If this option is deactivated, the Content highlighting control menu item is not active either.

use for media

If this option is selected, the integrated preview for media is used for media.

The cutting function is directly available in the integrated preview. Independently of this, the cutting function can be used at any time via the icon in the editing area.

Depending on the configuration in the project properties, Enhanced image editing is also activated in the integrated preview.

Important Depending on the configuration set in the ServerManager project properties, the setting can be permanently preselected and the options of this menu item may be inactive.

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