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FirstSpirit AppCenter/Integrated preview

The right-hand part of the screen contains the FirstSpirit AppCenter.

“FirstSpirit AppCenter” refers to the idea of seamlessly integrating third-party applications into FirstSpirit project development. The FirstSpirit AppCenter makes a certain area available within the editing system where independent applications that are not part of FirstSpirit can run (known as “AppCenter applications”).

Example of AppCenter application include function for integrated image processing. The integrated web browser is also an AppCenter application; it is called the “integrated preview”. However, AppCenter applications can also be customer-specific.

The display on the right-hand part of the screen therefore depends partly on the project developer's specifications and partly on the project administrator's settings. In addition to this, the editor can also influence the functions in this area via the menu item “Integrated preview” in the View menu of the menu bar.

Important Operating system-specific third party applications in the AppCenter of the FirstSpirit SiteArchitect will no longer be supported from Oracle Java 9 (exception: Google Chrome).

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