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This function is used to control the FirstSpirit server services.

A service is a server component that can be activated via a public interface made of input components or scripts. Examples include spell checking or the permissions input component service. The system module with the default services (e.g., the PermissionService) is already included as standard in FirstSpirit and is available after the software is installed.

However, additional services subsequently installed on the server can be displayed here as well (see Modules).

Services always apply system wide.

Information (Table)


Name of the service.


Description of the particular service.


Name of module with which the service is associated.

Actions (Table)

Start / Stop

Function for starting or stopping the service. If the service has already been started, the only option available is “Stop” (depending on the service). If the service has not been started, the only option available is “Start” (depending on the service). This function is similar to starting and stopping a service through FirstSpirit ServerManager (see Modules).


Function for restarting the service. Unlike simple “start” or “stop” functions, the service, which has already started, is first stopped and then automatically restarted.

Important After updating modules that have dependencies to modules with services, these services need to be restarted manually.

Starting services automatically:

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