Introducing CXT / Technical requirements

Technical requirements and recommendations (CXT)

Important In general, the “FirstSpirit Technical Data Sheet applies” (see Technical requirements and recommendations (→Documentation for Administrators)).



FirstSpirit Server

Version 5.2R20 and higher

see also “FirstSpirit Installation manual” (Introduction (→Installation Instructions))

Isolated Mode

see Module development "Isolated" (→Isolated Mode Guide)


The operation of FragmentCreator is coupled to a license.
If media are to be used or fragments are to be referenced in other projects, an additional license is required.
To obtain a suitable license, please contact your responsible contact person.

see also License (→Documentation for Administrators)


for example Java 11



for example Google Chrome


Web server

for example Apache Tomcat

see Integration into an external web server (→Documentation for Administrators)

The open source product “Eclipse Jetty” provided with FirstSpirit is not supported for operation with “FirstSpirit Content Experience Tools” (CXT).

(available via Technical Support)

FirstSpirit CXT FragmentCreator

see page FirstSpirit CXT FragmentCreator

FirstSpirit CXT DAP Bridge

see page FirstSpirit CXT DAP Bridge

FirstSpirit Media DAP
referencing media

see page FirstSpirit Media DAP

FirstSpirit Fragment DAP
referencing fragments

see page FirstSpirit Fragment DAP

FirstSpirit PageRef DAP
referencing pages/page references

see page FirstSpirit PageRef Access

FirstSpirit Markdown Editor
input component for text

see page FirstSpirit Markdown Editor

FirstSpirit Tagging Editor
input component for tagging

see page FirstSpirit Tagging Editor

to operate a CXT platform with FirstSpirit CaaS

FirstSpirit CaaS

see Documentation for "FirstSpirit Content as a Service"

FirstSpirit CXT FragmentCreator - CaaS Integration (for CaaS v2)

see page FirstSpirit CXT and CaaS


Recommendations / Known issues

  • gzip compression should be deactivated in the web server, otherwise unnecessary warning messages may occur.

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