Introducing CXT / Overview


The structure of this documentation is largely based on the user groups that use FirstSpirit (administrator, developer, editor) and on the sequence of steps. The structure is as follows:

Target group


Chapter / function

Content summary



Technical requirements

Brief overview of the technical requirements for your CXT installation (operating system, Java version, application server, browser, etc.).
You will find a detailed explanation in the general technical requirements for FirstSpirit (“FirstSpirit Technical Data Sheet”, Technical requirements and recommendations (→Documentation for Administrators)).

Administrator, developer



If you are already using FirstSpirit, you will find a summary of the deviations / restrictions compared to classic FirstSpirit projects on this page.


File system, FirstSpirit ServerManager

Installation / modules

In order to use FirstSpirit/CXT, you will need a “FirstSpirit Server”. You can find out how to install the server here: Introduction (→Installation Instructions).
CXT is implemented in the form of “modules”, partly so that functions can be encapsulated and reused. Once the FirstSpirit Server is installed and running, the required modules can be installed and configured. This chapter will tell you which modules are required and how they are installed and configured.
You will also find information here about

FirstSpirit ServerManager


At this point, the server-side configuration is complete. In order to manage content, you need “projects”. There are various types of project. This chapter will explain the different types and tell you how to create and configure them.


FirstSpirit SiteArchitect


Both FirstSpirit and CXT projects are based on “templates”.
This chapter explains which templates are required and which configuration options are available.

Permissions and roles

Two key topics involved in template development are permission assignment and workflows.
This chapter explains how to assign concrete permissions to previously defined roles and how to implement workflows.




FragmentCreator for editors

This chapter tells editors how to use FragmentCreator.


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