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Structure of a table template

A table template has to be created under the schema for each table entered in the database model. The input components that the editor can subsequently use to enter data in the corresponding tables are defined in these table templates.
For information on how to input data into so-called Data sources by the editor please see Data Store (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect) and FirstSpirit Documentation about ContentCreator (

As with the page and section templates, a table template also has multiple tabs on which the different settings and definitions can be configured.

  • Properties: All of the settings required for the table template can be made here.
  • Mapping: This is where the link is established between the columns of a table and the associated input components that have been defined.
  • Form: The input components for entering the data are defined here.
  • Rules: Rules can be defined to influence elements or properties.
  • Snippet: How the datasets are displayed in overview lists can be defined here.
  • Template set: What the content should look like in the template set is defined here.

Use in ContentCreator
Datasets can be edited in ContentCreator in the Data sources view or directly in the preview. See also page Prerequisites.

Permissions which are assigned for data sources (see also Editorial permissions (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect)) are not considered for filters in ContentCreator for technical reasons (context menu option “Set filter”, see also Context menu - “Extras” (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect)).

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