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Variables in data sources

Data source-based sections (data source or content sections) can also be inserted in a page in the Page Store.

The individual datasets can be distributed over several pages via a tab in the referencing page reference (sub-pages). This distribution is also called multi-page concept.

The datasets are accessed via the following system objects:

System object #cs

The system object #cs can be used to establish a relation between a dataset and the other subpages. The #cs methods can be used to determine specific information. These are, e.g. whether the dataset is the first or last on the sub-page:

  • #cs.isEvenContentRow
  • #cs.isFirstContentRow
  • #cs.isLastContentRow
  • #cs.isOddContentRow

The detailed list of the methods is explained under the system object #cs.

System object #global (multiple pages)

As the datasets of a content section can be spread over several subpages, the system object #global can be used to access the information of all pages (.multiPageParams()) or a subpage (.pageParams()).

Information on all pages would be, e.g. the number of all subpages (#global.multiPageParams.pageCount)

Further information on the sub-pages can be determined, e.g.

  • page number of the subpage (#global.pageParams.index)
  • if the subpage is the first of the multiple pages (#global.pageParams.isFirst)
  • if the subpage is the last of the multiple pages (#global.pageParams.isLast)

A complete description of multiple pages, is given under the system object #global.

System object #row

The system object #row provides the option of accessing the dataset which is currently being generated.

Several methods can be applied to the system object. These include, e.g.

  • #row.getId() (determination of the dataset ID)
  • #row.getEditor() (the last editor)
  • #row.getLastChange() (the change date of the dataset)

A precise list of the methods can be referred to under the system object #row.

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