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Content areas

Content areas are required to enter sections in a page in the Page Store.

A page can have one or several content areas.

These content areas are defined in page templates.

Definition via the template propertiesAvailable from FirstSpirit Version 4.2

Content areas are defined via the “Properties” tab of a page template. Click the “Add Content Area” icon to add a new content area to a page template, to edit, resort or delete an existing content area.

The content of a content area is output with the help of the $CMS_VALUE(...)$ instruction and the system object #global:

Important The identifier given in .body() must match the value of the unique reference name of the content area, as it was defined on the “Properties” tab!
Important For further information on defining content areas using the template properties, see chapter “Page templates”, page “Properties tab”, section Content areas.

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