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Important The functionality associated with the dataAssociation(...) function is only available in ContentCreator.

The dataAssociation(...) can be used to create logical links between areas in the preview document in ContentCreator and a DataAccess plug-in, so that these areas are highlighted graphically whenever associated data objects appear in the results list of a report based on the DataAccess plug-in. These highlights can also be used to modify the filter settings of the report accordingly.

For example, the pages found by the search report can be graphically highlighted in the preview by displaying markers at the corresponding entries in the navigation menu showing the number of pages found below the menu item for each search report.

Use in the template set

The dataAssociation(...) function can be used in the source text of template sets which generate HTML.

<div $CMS_VALUE(
DIV content...

The only parameter of the function is an array in which at least a pair of key values is specified. The name of the key is the namespace which is defined in a DataAssociationHandler.Type type object (see Plug-in Development > Universal Extensions > Data Access > Use for Reporting > Data Association). For further use, the value must be specified as a String. It is used as the identifier by means of which an association is determined through the functionality of a DataAccess plug-in.

Important The namespace must be enclosed inside double quotation marks, as it may contain blank spaces and special characters!

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