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Fragment list

Fragment list

The left-hand area of the FragmentCreator lists all fragments of a project. Fragments are small, standalone units of content that can be of many different variants. The fragments in this list are created regardless of where they are to be used or output, for example on a conventional website, in a mobile app, in a web shop, for digital signage or social media. They are heavily structured and modularized, but not anchored in a fixed structure. See also Introduction.


The display of the individual fragments depends on the specifications made by the project developer and can therefore vary from project to project. In addition to an extract of the content of the fragment, the current status is displayed for each fragment (for more details, see also page Release via a workflow and others).


To reduce the list to the required fragments, different filters can be used.

Duplicate fragments

Click on the “Duplicate fragment” icon to create a copy of the selected fragment with all variants. The fragment can be edited directly.

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