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Minimum project archiving requirement

Objects consist of different files. If an object is changed in a client by the editor, at least one of the files is also changed. Individual files of an object can exist, changed in different revisions, these different revisions are therefore also part of the object.

The archiving is performed on the basis of these files, i.e. depending on the configuration of an archiving schedule by the project administrator, on archiving, files which are no longer required are moved out of the repository and into the archive file. The consequence of this is that following archiving, objects potentially no longer completely exist in all revisions. In this way, for example, so-called “partially archived” revisions are created.

If an archiving period is given (partial archiving, see Figure), all objects within this period including all entries in the version history are retained. All revisions within this period can be restored without restriction, including deleted objects.

All files which changed in the revisions before the archiving period, and all files of all revisions in the case of complete archiving, are then examined to see whether they are still currently required in the project. The point in time up until which all files are completely retained is assumed to be the archiving limit. Below this archiving limit, the following revisions of a file are at least retained in the project repository:

  • Case 1: If the editing and release status of the file is above the archiving limit, the revision of the file with the current editing status, the last release status and the editing status before that are always retained.
  • Case 2: If the release status of the file is not available above the archiving limit, in addition to the last editing status, the most recent released status of the file below the archiving limit is always retained.
  • Case 3: If neither the release nor the editing status of the file is available above the archiving limit, the most recent editing status and the most recent release status of the file below the archiving limit are retained.

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