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Using link templates

Link templates cannot be used directly by the editor in FirstSpirit like page, section or table templates, but are instead included in some FirstSpirit input components, which in turn are used in page, section or table templates.

The editor can use special input components that are available primarily for maintaining links:

but also components in which links are maintained in addition to other editorial content (text, images, etc.):

By default, all link templates in the project are available to the editor for selection in these input components. The input components provide relevant tags to limit the selection, such as

  • TEMPLATE / uid
    for FS_CATALOG

CMS_INPUT_DOM input component example:

<LINKEDITOR name="internalLink"/>
<LINKEDITOR name="externalLink"/>

Language dependency

Input components in a link template can always be defined only independently of a language (useLanguages="no" parameter). If language-dependent content is to be entered for links, the (external) input components used (such as CMS_INPUT_DOM oder FS_CATALOG) must be defined as language-dependent (useLanguages="yes").

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