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Rules tab

The “Rules” tab defines rules that affect certain elements or properties of a form. For instance, an input component that was defined on the Form tab can be linked to a rule, making it possible to create a dynamic form.

Important Higher level objects, i.e., objects outside the actual form, cannot be included. This means that you cannot influence which templates may be used in which areas of the Site Store, for instance.

You can find a detailed description of the rules under Template development / Rules.

This tab is represented in the compact view by the icon (see Compact view of tabs (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect)).

You can use the Code completion on the “Rules” tab to show all the tags and corresponding parameters (plus values) that are available for the rule definition in the current syntactic context, and insert them at the insert mark on the “Rules” tab.

For information on the icons of the toolbar, please refer to page Composition of templates, paragraph “General functions”.

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