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Authorization checks using FirstSpirit

Quick start

Quick start provides an overview of the steps required and the order in which they should take place in order to enable authorization checks in FirstSpirit:

  1. Starting the permission service: the service is a system module component and is present on the server when first installed, so it does not need to be installed separately. However, the service contains services that may need to be started if they are not already started automatically. Starting and stopping services is handled either via FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring or via ServerManager.
  2. Adapting the permission service's system configuration files (service.ini, groups.xml and users.xml) (see Configuring the server component)
  3. Creating a metadata template (see in metadata (→FirstSpirit Online Documentation))
    CMS_INPUT_PERMISSION and secure media
  4. Configuring web components using ServerManager.
  5. Configuring permissions using ServerManager
    • Input component information for secure media
    • Input component information for checking permissions
  6. Configuring the Multi-Access Control filter

See also the FirstSpirit security module documentation.

The following pages describe in detail the implementation scenarios and individual configuration options.

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