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Updating the FirstSpirit backend

The FirstSpirit backend

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The operating environment of a FirstSpirit Server (FirstSpirit backend) consists of:

  • Tanuki Java Service Wrapper
    The Java interpreter needed to operate the FirstSpirit Server is started using the Java Service Wrapper. The Java Service Wrapper is the only platform-independent component. The wrapper is an application tailored to the particular operating system and CPU architecture which monitors and controls the Java process.
  • Control files
    The Java Service Wrapper is started and stopped using a shell script or a Windows system service.
  • Further applications in the <FirstSpiritROOT>/bin directory, e.g.:
    • to determine information on the server (for ServerMonitoring) [sysinfo] or
    • to open files [baretail, notepadex]

Crownpeak updates the operating environment of the FirstSpirit Server intermittently.
There may be several reasons for an update, such as:

  • correcting errors in the wrapper
  • security updates
  • support for new Java versions
  • support for changes to the operating system


The Java Service Wrapper and corresponding control files are provided via:

  • the installation archive (for new installations) or
  • the update archive (for existing installations)

Both archives can be downloaded (for access data, please contact Technical Support).

When does an update need to be carried out?

You can find the version of the Tanuki Service Wrapper currently being used on the server via FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring. The “Wrapper version” is displayed under “Basic information (system)”, which can be found in ServerMonitoring – Overview – State.

If the wrapper version used does not correspond to the version recommended by the FirstSpirit Server, this is indicated by the red font and the term outdated. This is also recorded in the fs-wrapper.log file. In this case, the Java Service Wrapper should be updated promptly.


Notes on the update

The operating environment of a FirstSpirit Server (FirstSpirit backend) is updated via the update archive.

Updating a FirstSpirit Server by replacing the fs-isolated-server.jar FirstSpirit Server file does not update the Java Service Wrapper that is being used.

Important The permissions of a server administrator are required for the update.
Important It is recommended shutting down the FirstSpirit server before an update to ensure that the Java Service Wrapper can be updated without restrictions. All clients should be logged off before shutting down the server. The maintenance mode can be used for this purpose.

Notes on the archive

A version number is specified in the file name of the update archive, e.g.,


This version number corresponds to the version number of the FirstSpirit backend. (This version number bears no relation to the version number of the FirstSpirit Server.) The placeholder [version] is used to represent the FirstSpirit Server version of the update archive being used. This must be replaced with the version of the update archive which is actually used for the update in question.


Update (via the update archive)

The update archive must first be uncompressed (G(un)zip) and unpacked in the required FirstSpirit Server installation directory.

Example call using Linux:

~/firstspirit5$ tar xvfz fs-update-[version].tar.gz 

Once the archive has been unpacked, the user and group permissions of the unpacked files must be viewed and adapted, if necessary.

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