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Roll-out process for native applications

Roll-out process (workstation computer)

The directories created on the server on rolling out the native system components (see Roll-out process (server)), are created as an exact copy in the User home directory of the users' workstation computer. To this end, all components which match the workstation computer's operating system are automatically identified. These components are rolled out on the workstation computer, in the editor's User home directory

\Users\<USERNAME>\.firstspirit_<FirstSpirit version>\ 

All corresponding client applications then lie below this directory, for example, in Windows operating systems the Chrome engine is under:


The directory to be used for rolling out the client applications can be defined via the parameters CLIENT_HOME_DIR or CLIENT_HOME_DIR_WINDOWS in the file fs-server.conf or in the connection settings (see FirstSpirit Server configuration (fs-server.conf) or Configuring connection settings and Roll-out directory requirements). The evaluation order is as follows:

  1. First, the operating-system specific path details are evaluated, which are set in the connection settings
  2. Then the path information set in the connection settings using the parameter CLIENT_HOME_DIR are evaluated.
  3. Then the operating system-specific path details defined in fs-server.conf are evaluated
  4. Then path information set in the fs-server.conf file using the parameter CLIENT_HOME_DIR are evaluated.
  5. If the parameter is not set, either in the connection settings or in fs-server.conf, as a default the operating system-specific user home directory is used.

The information, which can be set server-wide for all users using fs-server.conf, can therefore be overwritten on a user-specific basis.

Important If a directory is given to which the respective user does not have any access rights, a corresponding exception is output. The respective Client application is then not rolled out and cannot be used. See also Roll-out directory requirements).

During every start of SiteArchitect or ServerManager, all .firstspirit_* directories in which no files were changed over the last 30 days will be deleted.

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