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Recursive release

Example - Recursive release

For calling AccessUtil.release(...) the following parameters were set:

releaseStartNode:  Folder 1
releaseParentPath: false
boolean recursive:  true
DependentReleaseType: NO_DEPENDENT_RELEASE

The selected start node for the release is the “Folder 1” menu level.

Recursive release: At the start point of the “Folder 1” release, the option recursive is evaluated. The recursive release has an effect solely on the child elements of the release start point. Thus the “Ref 1”, “Folder 2” and “Ref 2” child elements are released by the option in the example.

Recursive releases of additional dependent elements are not run, even in combination with other release options. The recursive release thus does not have an effect on the release of child elements of dependent objects in other stores.

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