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Parent chain and dependent release

Example - Release parent chain and dependent objects

For calling AccessUtil.release(...) the following parameters were set:

releaseStartNode:  Ref 1
ensureAccessibility: true
boolean recursive:  false

The selected start node for the release is page reference “Ref 1”.

Ensure accessibility (parent chain) and dependent release: If the options DEPENDENT_RELEASE_NEW_ONLY or DEPENDENT_RELEASE_NEW_AND_CHANGED are combined with the option ensureAccessibility, the dependent release affects the current start node and the release of never before released elements of the parent chain. For the release of a page reference, for example, this means that the page referenced there is released. The whole parent chain is now run through for the referenced page as well, and a search is run for elements that were never released. These elements are likewise released. The same applies to dependent objects in the media store.

  • For the page reference “Ref 1”, the entire parent chain is run through. There, all never released objects are released, in other words, in the example, the new menu level “Folder 1” is released, but not the changed menu level “SS Folder”.
  • The menu level “Folder 1” has an outgoing reference in the media store. Through the dependent release, the medium “Pict 4” is also released.
  • For the “Pict 4” medium, now, in turn, the entire parent chain is run through and all never released objects are released. In the example, only the new media folder “MS Folder 3” is released.
  • During release of page reference “Ref 1”, the page referenced, “Page 1”, is released.
  • For page “Page 1”, now, in turn, the entire parent chain is run through and all never released objects are released. In the example, no object is affected, because the parent node “PS Folder” was already released once. Dependent objects of the “PS Folder” folder are therefore not taken into account during the dependent release.
  • However, “Page 1” that was released dependently still has outgoing references in the media store. The media referenced, “Pict 1” and “Pict 3”, are likewise released dependently.
  • For both media, the parent chain is now likewise examined. Because the common parent node “MS Folder 2” had only changed, no release is run here.

Important All outgoing references for the dependent release are only completely taken into account in one direction. If all dependent objects are to be contained in the release process, the release thus has to be carried out in a certain order (see Order for the release).

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