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Parent chain and recursive release

Example - Parent chain and recursive release

For calling AccessUtil.release(...) the following parameters were set:

releaseStartNode:  Ref 1
ensureAccessibility: true
boolean recursive:  true
DependentReleaseType: NO_DEPENDENT_RELEASE

The selected start node for the release is page reference “Ref 1”.

Ensuring accessibility (parent chain) and recursive release: Starting from the start node of the release “Ref 1”, the complete parent chain of the object up to the root node of the store is considered. Through the option ensureAccessibility, all nodes of the parent chain are released which were not yet ever released (see Ensuring accessibility (parent chain)). Additionally, all child elements of the start point are recursively released (see Recursive release). Based on the example, it is easy to recognize that this release is limited to the site store, because no dependencies are taken into account here. During this release it is to be noted that defective references may arise if one of the objects referenced in the site store was newly created, this in the example, “Page 1” and the media “Pict 1” and “Pict 4”. The current configuration in the example will thus lead to an error within the release, because the page referenced, “Page 1”, was never released. If the references indicate objects that were already released once (“changed”), the respective last released versions of the objects are referenced. In this case, the release from the example could be successfully run.

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