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The SiteArchitect implementation for an input component specifies a Swing component and functionality directly related to this component for inclusion in SiteArchitect form views.

The SiteArchitect gadget consists of two interface implementations:

  • Swing Gadget
    Provides the input component's Swing-based user interface, implements additional interactive functionality as needed, and provides access to gadget aspects (see below) which advertise to SiteArchitect that specific types of functionality have been implemented and are available for use with the gadget.
  • Swing Gadget Factory
    This implementation binds together the Swing Gadget component with the input component's GOM form element definition class.

Optionally, the SiteArchitect gadget may implement certain aspects which provide additional functionality.

  • Gadget Aspects
    Aspects allow component developers to advertise support for and provide component-specific implementations of well-defined functionality groups such as appearance control, storing and restoring component data, and content management, among others.

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