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In order to support developers who create FirstSpirit Modules, we provide several source code packages that implement and demonstrate FirstSpirit extensions.

Instructions on building and installing these FirstSpirit modules are available in the chapter Implementation and Deployment.

Important The code and supporting files in these example packages are provided as-is for educational purposes and are not intended for use in a production environment. You are free to adapt the example code for use in project-specific implementations. As provided here, the examples are intended solely for reference, and we maintain, update and augment these examples, which may result in structural changes (e.g. module, component, package, and class naming, among other aspects) even without prior notice.

For FirstSpirit Modules (FSM) based on these example packages, update procedures are not guaranteed to succeed; it is necessary to uninstall older versions of modules created from this code before installing a current version.

ContentCreator Examples


Brief description

ContentCreator Examples

View document The ContentCreator Examples Source Code Package (Version 2024.6) contains example implementations for ContentCreator extension types including interactive features and management extensions.


Complex Examples

The following table lists downloadable source code packages which present more involved example implementations, usually consisting of several different FirstSpirit plug-in types working together.


Brief description

Editorial Search and Replace

View document The "Editorial Search and Replace" Source Code Package (Version 2024.6) contains a complex example which demonstrates a means to combine a report plug-in with various associated plug-in types and a client-side service.

Accessing Web Services via OData/SOAP

Two source code packages contain complex examples which demonstrate how DataAccessPlugins can be created to access data provided by OData and SOAP web services, respectively. See the chapter for download links of these source code packages.

Device Preview with BrowserStack

View document The "BrowserStack External Preview" Source Code Package (Version 2024.3) illustrates the use case of external preview item plug-ins, which may add executable menu items to the dropdown list associated with SiteArchitect's "Preview" button in the editorial toolbar. The items are used to access device-based live preview and screenshot services by BrowserStack (, which are loaded in a new browser tab.

View document Compiled FirstSpirit Module (FSM) version of the "BrowserStack External Preview" plug-in (Version 2024.3) Updated versions of this FSM file may be obtained through Technical Support.

Use of this example requires an Access Key from Browserstack, and configuration occurs via project application components added to individual projects.

Note: This plug-in provides access to functionality of BrowserStack, a third-party service provider (see Use of the BrowserStack service requires a paid plan, and compatibility between this plug-in example and BrowserStack's service interfaces is not guaranteed. The BrowserStack-specific functionality is not subject to technical support by Crownpeak, and neither the plug-in source code nor the compiled FirstSpirit Module (FSM) is guaranteed to respect future changes to BrowserStack's API.


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