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Create new document group

This function can be used to insert a new document group in the navigation structure.

Creating a document group

A language-dependent display name can be assigned to the new folder for each editing language defined in the ServerManager. Either the display names or the reference name are then displayed in the tree view, depending on the setting in the View – Preferred display language menu. The “Reference name” field is automatically filled with the value entered for the first display name by the editor, but can be changed (up to the initial creation of the object). The reference name may not contain any spaces, special characters or symbols. This is taken into account accordingly when the field is filled automatically.

Important The “Reference name” field is only displayed if this setting was configured accordingly in the ServerManager.
Important Rules can be defined in the server properties to automatically convert special characters in reference names into valid characters. The conversion takes place directly during input when creating a FirstSpirit object or changing a reference name (context menu Extras / Change reference name).        
Special characters for which no replacement rule has been specified cannot be entered in the “Reference name” field.

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