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Start applications area

In the central area of the page are entries for starting the FirstSpirit applications.


Primary applications (upper row):

  • ContentCreator (Editing environment): Click this entry to start the FirstSpirit ContentCreator editing system via a browser. The ContentCreator's range of functions has been designed to cover editorial work in FirstSpirit projects.
  • SiteArchitect (Project development): Clicking this entry starts FirstSpirit SiteArchitect. A project selection dialog appears so that the user can select the required project for editing. The project then opens in SiteArchitect. A connection to the server is automatically established.

Secondary applications (lower row):

Important ServerManager and ServerMonitoring can only be started by server and project administrators. Depending on the individual project configuration, the use of the ContentCreator can be deactivated.

The applications can be shown or hidden via groups / permissions on the start page, the representation can thus differ from the default setting shown in the figure above.

Additional messages and information may be displayed depending on the browser used. For example, when starting SiteArchitect for the first time, Google Chrome requires confirmation from the user to run the FirstSpirit Launcher for this file type. To prevent this message from being displayed during future starts, you can open the context menu for the corresponding message and select the entry “Always open files of this type” (if that is desired).

Launch problems with macOS: Some settings of the security function “Gatekeeper” on Apple Macintosh systems can lead to an error message when launching FirstSpirit SiteArchitect. For resolving this problem see Introduction (→Documentation for Administrators).

The use of window management tools under macOS may result in unstable behavior in SiteArchitect (freezing, increased memory usage).

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