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Procedure in multi-user operation

When editing and saving datasets, two different methods are possible. The procedure to follow depends on the “Server locks in content store” option in the ServerManager (see Options (→Documentation for Administrators)).

  1. Parallel working
    If the “Server locks in content store” option is deactivated, parallel working is possible within a data source, i.e., multiple editors can activate edit mode for the same dataset. In this case only the changes of the editor who was the first to save the dataset are accepted initially. If the second editor now tries to save the changes to the dataset, the following message is displayed to them:           
    “The record has been changed by another editor. Your changes could not be saved!”
    The user can then update the dataset to display the changes of the second editor or save their own changes despite this and therefore overwrite the changes of the other editor.
  2. Exclusive working
    If the “Server locks in content store” option is activated, a second editor cannot activate edit mode for a dataset. If a dataset is currently being edited by another editor, information to this effect appears and the dataset cannot be edited or deleted.

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