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Management Extensions


The ContentCreator's plug-in interface provides several means of extending management capabilities that influence how data is stored and used in workflows.

These extensions are not displayed in ContentCreator's user interface, but are either visible in the ServerManager application or must be called from workflow scripts. See the functional overview of each extension for details.

Store Mapping Plug-In

Synchronous Store Mapping (Illustration)

Determining Page Store location as a new page is created in ContentCreator

Because ContentCreator users are presented with and navigate along the Site Store structure, a plug-in that translated Site Store locations to Page Store locations is necessary when editors create new pages.

Access API documentation: WebeditStoreMappingPlugin

Store Mapping plug-ins

  • are used when web pages are created, moved or renamed using ContentCreator functionality
  • determine the best storage location for a new page object in the Page Store, using a Site Store folder as its point of origin

Important Note that Store Mapping plug-ins are only called as
  • new pages are created using ContentCreator functionality, or
  • existing pages stored within the project-specific ContentCreator System Folder (as configured in ServerManager) are moved or renamed using ContentCreator functionality.

Store Mapping plug-ins should only modify Page Store structure by creating new folders in order to create a suitable location for a new page object. This plug-in type is not intended to reorganize existing items in the Page Store to reflect the Site Store's layout.

Workflow Executables


FirstSpirit supports the use of Java classes as "executables" in workflow activities.


  • are plug-ins installed as part of FirstSpirit Modules
  • may call other classes and implement more complex functionality than scripts
  • are called by scripts configured in workflow actions
  • can make full use of the FirstSpirit Access API

Access API documentation: Executable

Loading Client Resources

ContentCreator provides a plug-in interface and an operation which allow loading of resources (i.e. JavaScript and CSS) required for interaction between preview documents and the ContentCreator user interface.

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