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Getting started with project development

This section of the documentation uses a project as an exercise to quickly and easily show how to use FirstSpirit efficiently to implement projects.

The starting point for the exercise is an “empty” project, which is to be populated with content step by step.

To implement the demo project, some files will be needed which are available for download:

Preparations: this section covers the necessary ServerManager settings.

Project layout: this section describes the layout of the project example.

Working with page templates: this section describes how to create and edit page templates using the project's associated navigation.

Working with section templates: this section describes how to create and edit section templates.

Working with media: this section shows how folders are added to the media store and how to add media for the project.

Insert content: this section describes the editorial addition and maintenance of content by integrating pages and sections.

Defining the menu structure: this section covers how to define the project's menu structure.

We hope you enjoy reworking our project.

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