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Using FirstSpirit APIs

FirstSpirit provides specific functionality that aids in plug-in development for both SiteArchitect and ContentCreator. This functionality is structured into an Application Programmer Interface (API) that allows interaction with the core objects and methods in FirstSpirit.

This chapter introduces major use cases of the FirstSpirit APIs and distinguishes between the two client-server communication requirements of the SiteArchitect (client plug-ins loaded client-side, communicating with the server) and the ContentCreator (client plug-ins loaded server-side, communicating with the client) where necessary.

Chapter Overview

  • Accessing FirstSpirit Functionality
    describes the agent model provided to access FirstSpirit-specific objects and perform internal actions.
  • Services
    provides an overview of server and client services an information on how to obtain and use services in FirstSpirit plug-ins.
  • Working With Store Elements
    describes methodologies to access, modify and present FirstSpirit store elements.
  • Message Boxes
    introduces configuration and presentation of message boxes as well as handling answer data.
  • Custom Dialogs, Forms and Rulesets
    describes how to present and handle custom dialogs, including building and populating form data, setting default contents and using validation.
  • Drag-and-Drop
    illustrates handling drop actions on FS_BUTTON instances displayed in forms and previews.
  • JavaScript API (ContentCreator)
    describes interactions with the ContentCreator user interface using the JavaScript object WE_API.

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