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Preparing an IDE

The preparation of your development system depends in large part upon the IDE you use. This chapter describes the project creation and configuration process for the integrated development environment JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Create a new project by clicking "File » New Project..."
  2. In the "New Project" wizard, select the following options and click "Next" after each step:
    • Select "Create Java project from existing sources"
    • In "Project files location", enter the root directory of the FirstSpirit 5 ContentCreator Examples module framework (please refer to the chapter Prerequisites to download the framework); if desired, modify the project name and file format
    • Mark [MODULE_PATH]/src/impl as a source directory
    • Ensure that lib is marked as a project library and that any ZIP files (such as delivered with the module framework) are not marked as libraries
    • Mark the path impl (under [MODULE_PATH]/src) as a module and rename it if so desired
    • On the page "Facets", no facets will be available; click "Finish" to complete the wizard
  3. Open the Project pane, right-click on the file build.xml (at the project's root) and select "Add as Ant Build File"
    • Note: the available Ant targets will now be displayed in the Ant Build pane; the target "fsm" is the project default target and creates an FSM file after cleaning and recompiling all Java code in the module
  4. Open the project structure settings by clicking "File » Project Structure"
  5. In the Project Structure window, modify the following settings:
    • In the section "Project":
      • Select an appropriate software development kit in "Project SDK" (in order to configure a new SDK, please see JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA documentation on this subject)
      • Set the "Project Language Level" to at least "6.0"
      • Set the path in "Project compiler output" to [MODULE_PATH]/target/impl
    • In the "Modules" section:
      • Select the module "fs5_webclient_examples" (which you may have renamed in step 2) and select the "Paths" tab
      • In the group "Compiler output", select "Use module compile output path" and set "Output path" to [MODULE_PATH]/target/impl and "Test output path" to [MODULE_PATH]/target/test; mark the option "Exclude output paths" if it isn't already checked
    • Click "OK" to exit the Project Structure window

Add Java archives (JAR files) as described in Prerequisites to an appropriate project library.

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