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Template Button: Functional Overview

FS_BUTTON implementation: creating a new section including template selection

Inserting a new section in a page's content area using an FS_BUTTON

In order to add interactive features to template forms and preview output, project designers may use the input component FS_BUTTON. Buttons of this type can be styled in various ways and associated with code to handle click and drag-and-drop operations.


The input component FS_BUTTON can be inserted into any form as well as any template output channel; specific to ContentCreator, output channels will most likely contain a variant of HTML.

The two available button styles always show a label text, and the button style “FIRSTSPIRIT” may optionally display an icon graphic stored as a resource in a FirstSpirit Module or in the project's Media Store. Alternatively, an FS_BUTTON may be styled as a simple text link.

Each instance of this component can handle click actions and act as a target for drag-and-drop operations sourced, for example, from snippets displayed in a . Each of these interactions can trigger a different script or call an executable Java class, provided either by ContentCreator or a plug-in.

Specific to FS_BUTTON instances visible in ContentCreator previews, FirstSpirit offers several Java executables that can be used to access advanced, context-sensitive ContentCreator functionality. These executable classes are documented on the page Functions in the preview.

Example Implementation

The ContentCreator Examples module source code includes one implementation of an FS_BUTTON executable class:

  • TextBlocksDropHandlerExecutable

This example is located in the module's package, as it implements report-related functionality.

Code Example

The Template Button (FS_BUTTON) Code Example introduces and documents the implementation of click and drop handling using an executable class.

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