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URL settings

Important The functions described below require more in-depth knowledge about generation in FirstSpirit and URLs, and are therefore aimed more at project administrators.
Also see Advanced URLs (FirstSpirit Online Documentation).

According to the specification, URLs may not contain any Unicode characters; in FirstSpirit, these structures are therefore based on reference names and, for this reason, cannot be fully influenced by the editor.

However, it is now possible to have more influence on the way URLs look using the URL settings. Search machine optimization (SEO), among other things, can be carried out, or even multi-language URLs can be generated.

The following concepts regarding the generation of URLs are pursued here:

  • SEO URLs
    With this concept, URLs that were previously formed in FirstSpirit in one language from the project's folder structure and the file names of page references can be freely defined for each node (menu levels and page references). This means that as well as renaming folders / directories and files, a directory structure can also be created for the web server that is completely different to the structure of the website or project. For example, and

    could become and

  • Short URLs
    Short URLs are short, “meaningful” URLs, e.g., for “landing pages”. These include specially created individual websites which present a certain topic or offering in a compact manner and which are optimized for a specific target group and the topic of the page. Often, these are target pages of linked advertising material on other web pages. They cannot usually be reached by navigating the website. Short URLs are created in addition to the “normal” URLs.
    To call

    you could, for example, use

    Several alternative short URLs can be created for one page reference.

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