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ContentCreator as a local project application

ContentCreator is available as global and as a configurable, local project web application. This means that a separate ContentCreator instance can be installed, configured and activated for each project via the ServerManager.

To do this, the Web Components area includes “ContentCreator” area. The tab can be used to configure a ContentCreator instance for the selected project.

Other web components can be added to the ContentCreator instance (e.g. FirstSpirit DynamicDatabaseAccess, FirstSpirit DynamicPersonalization). These web components can be individually configured for this web area (“ContentCreator”). Both default configuration using the Configuration button and manual editing of the web.xml file are possible.

The local project configuration enables an “advanced” ContentCreator instance to be configured and to be installed and activated on the required web server. All web components added are taken into account. When installing on the required web server, all the required components are installed and a web.xml is generated, which summarises all files configured to date (web.xmls of the individual components) to form one file.

This means that ContentCreator can now be combined with a project-specific personalization configuration for individual projects. 

If the software on the server is updated, for example with a new ContentCreator version, it is possible to update all local project ContentCreator instances.

For more information, please refer to Individualizing the global FirstSpirit web applications .

Important Since every web application requires computing time, memory and storage space, it is recommended for productive environments to avoid using project-local web applications if possible.

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