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Templates for inline tables

The CMS_INPUT_DOM input component can be used to integrate “inline tables” into continuous text. This provides the editor with limitless design possibilities right down to the cell level.

The table layout is determined

A table format template has to be created in the “Format templates” area for each desired table layout.

Each table format template can be assigned precisely one standard style template (for the entire table) and multiple additional style templates for defining separate display formats for individual table cells. The style templates define the layout of individual table cells, such as the background color (bgcolor), how text should be aligned in a cell (align or valign) or the color of the text in a cell (color).

Therefore, a style template must be created before inline tables can be used in the CMS_INPUT_DOM input component.

For the sake of clarity, style and table format templates should be grouped together in one folder (e.g. “Inline tables”) under the “Format templates” node.

Inserting an inline table in the DOM editor

In order to make inline tables available to the editor in the DOM editor, this input component type has to be inserted in the desired section template. This means that the CMS_INPUT_DOM input component must have the table="yes" parameter added to it.

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