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Plug-In Development

FirstSpirit provides multiple extensibility opportunities that allow developers to implement custom server-side as well as client-side functionality.

This chapter aims to provide a quick-start guide towards understanding FirstSpirit Module (FSM) development and roll-out, use of the FirstSpirit Access and Access APIs and the implementation requirements of SiteArchitect and ContentCreator user interface extensions.


The plug-in developer guide is structured into several chapters that describe the SiteArchitect and ContentCreator extension opportunities as well as plug-in types that may be implemented for both clients. A third chapter provides download links for example source code packages that illustrate various server and client extensions.

Client User Interface Plug-Ins

ContentCreator Extensions
This section introduces plug-in types that extend the ContentCreator functionality. It also contains a development and deployment guide for FirstSpirit Modules, specific to API functionality and roll-out for ContentCreator extensions.

SiteArchitect Extensions
This section illustrates extensions of SiteArchitect functionality.

Universal Extensions
The plug-in types introduced in this section are available in both the SiteArchitect and the ContentCreator.

Server Plug-Ins

Server Plug-Ins
This chapter contains documentation on select server-side functionality which may be extended with plug-ins. The functionality described here is usually not visible to editorial users of FirstSpirit.

Developing FirstSpirit Modules

Implementation and Deployment
This section provides an overview of several FirstSpirit-specific activities that may be implemented using the Access APIs.

Example Modules
This section provides download links for FirstSpirit Modules containing example code that illustrate server- and client-side plug-ins.

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