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Implementation and Deployment

FirstSpirit client extensions are normally implemented in Java code, access the FirstSpirit APIs for integration with FirstSpirit client and server components, and are deployed to FirstSpirit servers packaged into FirstSpirit Modules (FSM).

This chapter provides basic descriptions of and links to further information about using FirstSpirit API functionality as well as designing and deploying FirstSpirit Modules.

Important While SiteArchitect plug-ins are loaded client-side and communicate with the server through API calls, ContentCreator plug-ins are generally loaded server-side and use operations to cause interactions with the client side. The chapter Using FirstSpirit APIs distinguishes between client-side and server-side operations when necessary.
Important Most ContentCreator extensions are deployed using FirstSpirit Modules (FSM) and require roll-out to a project-specific ContentCreator web application after installation on a FirstSpirit server. A detailed description of the ContentCreator-specific roll-out process is available in the chapter Deploying Modules.

The following client extensions are not generally deployed within FSM but are added to a project's templates:

  • Beanshell scripts
    These are included in a project's Template Store folder, "Scripts". Scripting in FirstSpirit is introduced in the section Template Development: Scripting.
  • FS_BUTTON instances
    These are defined in the form and relevant output channels of page, section or table templates. Please see the chapter FS_BUTTON (Template Development) for details. Details on providing interactive features for this button component are provided in the chapter Using FirstSpirit APIs.


The Development Environment
details required tasks to prepare a build environment and the recommended configuration of an integrated development environment (IDE).

Using FirstSpirit APIs
provides an overview of how to access FirstSpirit functionality within plug-in Java code and illustrates the primary methods to programmatically interact with the FirstSpirit client user interfaces.

Module Architecture
describes the non-code requirements for building a FirstSpirit Module using Apache Ant.

Deploying Modules
details the best-practice installation methodology of an FSM.

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