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FirstSpirit Content Management System

You have probably frequently seen how cumbersome it can be to maintain a large website. Every minute change must be applied to several subpages. This is laborious, time-consuming and cost-intensive. A Content Management System (CMS) simplifies making changes to content by separating a website's content, layout and structure.

As the name already implies, a Content Management System manages content. The size of the website does not matter. The user of the Content Management System is called an “editor” because he maintains, changes and creates editorial content just like a newspaper editor. For this purpose, the editor has access to a “Graphical User Interface” (GUI) in FirstSpirit where important changes can be made easily, efficiently and above all without having to be proficient in web design. This makes maintaining a project as easy as producing a text in a word processing program. In FirstSpirit, the content is primarily maintained in what is called the page store.

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