Introduction / Workflows

Workflows in SiteArchitect

Workflows are a license-dependent FirstSpirit functionality.

A workflow is a sequence of tasks which are worked through in a fixed, predefined structure. The tasks serve to convert an object, for example, a page from the Page Store, from its initial state (e.g., “Page changed”) into a final state (e.g., “Changed page checked and released”). Both due dates and authorized groups of people can be specified for the tasks to be executed between these two states.

The authorization or permission to start a workflow is defined within SiteArchitect using the Permission assignment dialog.

The structure (sequence of tasks) and the properties (for example, without context) of a workflow and the definition of authorized persons or groups who may move from one task to the task that follows are defined within the Template Store in SiteArchitect (for more information, see Workflows (→FirstSpirit Online Documentation)).

Special permissions for the individual steps of a workflow can be defined via the assignment of permissions for workflows.

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