Introduction / Site Store

Site Store

The Site Store maps the navigation structure of the website. Due to the separation from the layout, the appearance and position of the individual navigation levels can be freely defined and changed. Navigation points (including graphical navigation such as JavaScript or Flash) can be added, changed or removed at any navigation depth and at any time. The referential integrity is maintained by link management. Each folder in the Site Store corresponds to a menu level in the navigation so that a new menu level is automatically added with each new subfolder.

The following elements can be created within the Site Store:

  •  Folders: Correspond to a menu level in the website's navigation.
  •  Start folders: If a menu level does not have a specific page, the link is directly forwarded to the pages in the start folder.
  •  Page references: These are the specific pages which can be displayed.
  •  Start pages: If there are several pages in a menu level, the start page is displayed first.
  •  Document groups: Can group together several page references and menu levels and display them as one page.

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