Introduction / Permissions in FirstSpirit

Permissions in FirstSpirit

The mechanisms provided by FirstSpirit for assigning and checking permissions are described in this section and their specific use is outlined.

A concrete distinction must be made between permissions which are valid for a user of FirstSpirit, for example, for an editor (editorial permissions) and permissions defined for a visitor to the site generated with FirstSpirit (user permissions).

FirstSpirit differentiates between the following permissions:

Editorial permissions

Editorial permission are the permissions valid for a user of FirstSpirit. These permissions are initially issued by assigning the user to a project group and can be further specified by authorized persons within SiteArchitect.

  • at server level: Users are created in Server and Project Properties and as a result are given access to the FirstSpirit system (login).
  • at project level: Users are assigned to individual projects in the Project Properties and as a result acquire access to the respective FirstSpirit project. In addition, users can be assigned to groups, which are to be given uniform permissions. The users and groups defined in the project properties are subsequently used for the assignment of editorial permissions and permissions for workflows.
  • at object level: Detailed permissions for individual objects, pages, nodes, stores, etc. are assigned in SiteArchitect using the Extras / Change Permissions function (context menu), both for individual users and for groups.

Rights to execute workflows

Workflow permissions are a special type of editorial permission that only relate to the workflows within a project.

The workflow permissions are issued parallel to the editorial permissions.     

Permissions for executing workflows are a special type of editorial permissions which relate to the workflows within a project only.

These permissions can be defined in various places:

  • in the workflow in the Template Store itself. Here, general permissions for starting and switching a workflow can be configured, independent of the object on which the workflow is executed.
  • at object level. Here, in turn, a differentiation is made between permissions
    • for starting and
    • for forwarding workflows (transitions).

User permissions

User permissions are permissions valid for the “visitor” to the website generated with FirstSpirit. User permissions are always linked with the personalization system used.

User permissions assignment and checking in FirstSpirit takes place using the so-called Permission module.

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