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FirstSpirit SiteArchitect

The SiteArchitect user interface consists of a screen view divided vertically into three sections of varying sizes relative to one other. In general, the SiteArchitect layout looks like this:

  • The title row: Apart from the FirstSpirit logo, this row also contains details of the currently opened project (project name), the user name of the logged-in user, and the server name.
  • The menu bar: This is located beneath the title row and contains functions for general and project-wide use.
  • The horizontal tool bar: Some frequently required functions are provided directly beneath the menu bar in the form of icons.
  • The status row:This is the bottom row of SiteArchitect. Information on the selected object in the tree structure is shown here.

Central part of the screen: Editing areaLeft-hand part of the screen: Tree structure, search results, reports...Menu barGlobal searchVertical tool barHorizontal tool barStatusleisteRight-hand part of the screen: AppCenter / Integrated preview

The left-hand part of the screen
Various project content, such as the tree structure, search results, bookmarks, tasks, clipboard, etc., can be displayed on the left-hand part of the screen. Once a project is started, the tree structure is always shown and the most recently selected object is always activated.

  • The vertical tool bar: This controls the content shown on the left-hand part of the screen.
  • The global search: This is located above the project content on the left-hand part of the screen.

The central part of the screen
The central part of the screen contains the editing area with a horizontal tab navigation layout.

  • The editing area: This relates directly to the active object within the tree structure. The editing screens and setting options for the various objects are found here.

The right-hand part of the screen
The right-hand part of the screen contains the FirstSpirit AppCenter and the integrated preview.

  • AppCenter/integrated preview: Project content can be viewed in an integrated browser (integrated preview) or third-party applications can be accessed for this purpose.

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