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Swing Gadget Factory

Interface: de.espirit.firstspirit.ui.gadgets.swing.SwingGadgetFactory
Access API documentation: SwingGadgetFactory<E extends GomElement>

The Swing gadget factory class is responsible for instantiating a Swing gadget class, binding the input component's GOM form element definition class to the Swing gadget.



* Swing gadget factory that creates a Swing gadget for the input component "Example Component"
* and configures that Swing gadget object with a fitting Swing gadget context object.
* GomExampleComponent: GOM form definition class for "Example Component"
* ExampleComponentSwingGadget: Swing gadget class for "Example Component"
public class ExampleSwingGadgetFactory implements SwingGadgetFactory<GomExampleComponent> {

public SwingGadget create(final SwingGadgetContext<GomExampleComponent> context) {
return new ExampleComponentSwingGadget(context);

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