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Gadget Factory

Interface: de.espirit.firstspirit.webedit.server.gadgets.WebPluginGadgetFactory
Developer API documentation: WebPluginGadgetFactory<G extends GomElement, C extends Serializable>

The web gadget factory class is responsible for instantiating a web gadget object, binding the input component's GOM form definition class to the web gadget. Additionally, the factory names the JavaScript controller object which should be used in ContentCreator's user interface and indicates the URLs of JavaScript and CSS files which provide client-side functionality (e.g. code to construct the JavaScript controller) and look-and-feel definitions, respectively.


  • G extends GomElement must correspond to the GOM form definition class used for the input component.
  • C extends Serializable indicates a type used to transfer component data between the client and server environments and supports serialization, e.g. simple types such as Double, String or Boolean or complex types such as serializable List or Map types (which are in turn parameterized with serializable simple or complex types). Encapsulating types are not supported.

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