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Data Object

The data object carries information about single data "blocks" the data access plug-in operates on. Essentially, this is the object that is represented as a single entry in a report or in an FS_INDEX input component.

Important All implementations of data access interfaces for a single data access plug-in component are parameterized with this data object type.

This object may be of one of the following categories:

  • Simple object types
    Objects that directly represent their value, such as objects of type String or Number.
  • Encapsulating object types
    Non-primitive objects that store their data in one or more fields and provide accessor methods to retrieve or manipulate data stored in these fields.

Code Example

The code snippets in this chapter operate on a data object of type MyDataObject which is defined as such:

public class MyDataObject {

private String _header;
private String _text;

public MyDataObject(@NotNull final String header, @Nullable final String text) {
_header = header;
_text = text;

public String getHeader() {
return _header;

public void setHeader(@NotNull final String header) {
_header = header;

public String getText() {
return _text;

public void setText(@NotNull final String text) {
_text = text;

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