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Server-side release

In addition to release via a workflow, all objects in FirstSpirit can be released server-side via the Access API. To do so, there are methods of defining the different release settings for an object. In this way, the specific release can be used to release additional objects dependent on the current object, such as the complete parent chain and child elements of the object to be released.

The API methods used in the examples use the class AccessUtil, which is documented in the FIRSTspirit Access API documentation.

In general, a distinction is made among the following release options:

  • Standard release: Release for the object to be released, including additional, defined release options for the default case. These predefined release options are different depending on the object. In this way, a page in the page store is released via the default release options, including the subordinated sections and the parent elements that have never been released. In contrast, the default release of a page reference in the site store only takes the page reference itself into account. The default release options cannot be changed.
  • Specific release: Release for the object to be released, including optional release options established by the user. The different release options can be combined with each other in any way to realize a comprehensive release within a short time. However, the release of all objects involved in the release process is may be undesirable in certain circumstances and therefore should be carried out with caution.

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