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The module

The Java-based FirstSpirit applications (SiteArchitect, ServerManager) are started via the FirstSpirit Launcher.

The FirstSpirit Launcher provides a continuously updated, extensively tested, and license-free Java Runtime Environment which is rolled out when the Launcher is installed. This allows SiteArchitect and ServerManager to be operated in a preconfigured environment which is independent of the Java version on the client computer – even if there is no Java version installed at all.

The module “FirstSpirit Launcher JRE” enables customers and partners to easily switch between different Java versions in order to operate Java-based FirstSpirit applications. The required Java version can be selected separately for Microsoft Windows and macOS on a server-wide basis.

If interested, the module can be obtained from Technical Support (

This chapter describes how to use the module

For instructions on selecting a suitable Java version, see Categories and selection.

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