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Using version control systems (VCS)

External version control systems (VCS) log and document changes to files and documents over time.

A VCS can provide valuable support, even for one developer working on a project alone: For example, it allows each change relating to one “branch” to be isolated from the stable development state. As a result, changes can be developed in isolation from one another. At the same time, it ensures that unstable changes are not directly transferred to the stable development state. The developer does not transfer his modified artifacts back to the central master branch until a defined point in time (“Merge”).

VCS are essential when developing in a team. In this case, far more changes by various developers have to be managed and merged. Each developer develops on their own branch and pushes modified artifacts back to the central master branch. As a result, conflicts occur where changes overlap one another. A version control system successfully merges all developers’ modified artifacts and automatically responds to the resulting conflicts wherever possible.

Supported version control systems

Git (recommended)

Git is recommended for use with External Synchronization (see also http://www.git-scm.com).

Important Git version 2.11.0 or higher is needed for use with FirstSpirit External Synchronization.

For general notes on installing and configuring Git, see http://www.git-scm.com.

For notes on configuring Git in conjunction with External Synchronization, see link.

Further version control systems

The use of External Synchronization with other version control systems has not yet been tested and therefore is not recommended.

However, use with other version control systems is theoretically possible.

Individual differences between the VCS must be taken into account.
Example “Move” actions: Some VCS interpret moving from A to B as “deleting” in A and “adding” to B. Circular problems such as this have to be rectified individually on the basis of a project solution.

Information on Using External Components

External Synchronization works together with external components (VCS, IDE, etc.) in the distributed development environment. These external components do not form part of the FirstSpirit product. The relevant manufacturer (not Crownpeak) is responsible for the functionality provided by these external components.

When using the functionality, it is important to ensure that FirstSpirit provides the required interfaces for exporting and importing FirstSpirit objects but does not have an impact on the use of the exported content outside the FirstSpirit environment.

Problems that occur when using the exported content in external components can be reported via FirstSpirit product support and will be rectified (if possible) if they refer to the FirstSpirit API interface. However, Crownpeak is not obligated to fix bugs.

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