Interface DeleteOperation

public interface DeleteOperation
Operation providing means to delete elements on the server.
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    • ignoreIncomingReferences

      @NotNull @NotNull DeleteOperation ignoreIncomingReferences(boolean ignoreIncomingReferences)
      Sets whether incoming references should be ignored when deleting elements or not.

      If set to false, incoming references will be checked and trying to delete elements with incoming references will fail. Those elements will be contained in DeleteOperation.Result.getReferencedElements().

      If set to true, incoming references will be ignored during the deletion process. default: false = do NOT ignore references
    • perform

      @NotNull @NotNull DeleteOperation.Result perform(@NotNull @NotNull IDProvider... elements) throws Exception
      Performs the operation and deletes the given elements on the server. Note that at least one element must be the given and all elements must be != null.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the amount of given elements is 0
      NullPointerException - if one of the given elements is null
      Exception - if any server side error occurred during the operations execution